Fox News Host Says Chris Rock Incident Was First “Black-On-Black Crime” He’s Seen Covered In The News

( Fox News anchor Jesse Watters attracted criticism from Mediaite’s Kipp Jones recently for stating something that is 100% accurate.

Watters made the apparently shocking decision to publicly state that actor Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock across the face during the Oscar’s awards ceremony is “black-on-black crime.”

Well, given that both actors were black and the slap was a criminal act, Watters isn’t wrong.

The news outlet reported how Watters joked that the incident is the first time that he has seen the media report on black-on-black crime.

After Smith slapped Rock, it quickly became the biggest story in the world – briefly overtaking the war in Ukraine as the most-talked-about topic in the news. Rock cracked a joke about Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, looking like the famous GI Jane character because of her short hair.

Rock appeared to be unfamiliar with the fact that Smith suffers from alopecia, and after Jada rolled her eyes at the joke, Will Smith jumped out of his seat, stormed the stage, and slapped Rock across the face.

During an episode of “The Five” on Monday, Watters said:

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen the media cover black-on-black crime, so I’m actually quite surprised by this.”

“If Mel Gibson had done this, Nancy Pelosi would be kneeling in the capital right now. He would be the only guy not being allowed out on bail in L.A. County,” he added.

Watters has a good point, doesn’t he? Black-on-black crime is a big problem but the media never talks about it, nor will the media talk about how most of the anti-Asian violent assaults taking place are also committed by black criminals.

What, exactly, is shocking about pointing that out?