Fox News Host: “Mike Pence Almost Got Hung By His President”

( Fox News co-hosts of The Five laughed as Jesse Watters mocked a Politico article about Vice President Kamala Harris.

In the Politico article, an anonymous source identified as a former aide stated that Harris is being treated as a normal vice president for the first time because it appears that President Joe Biden is running for re-election. There is less attention, which enables her to concentrate on excelling without worrying about constant scrutiny.

Watters stated it was an odd time for Harris’ camp to attempt to generate favorable press coverage for the Vice President while President Joe Biden is currently facing inquiries regarding his mishandling of classified documents.

Reports show Merrick Garland, the attorney general, appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the matter.

Watters said Biden should be angry.  One week they appoint a special counsel to investigate, and the following week the Vice President is mentioned in an article implying that things are going exceptionally well for the vice president.  Watters then said he read the Politico article, calling it psychobabble feminism.

Watters said Kamala Harris is simply an idiot, and he felt bad for Joe Biden.

Watters then recounted the experiences of former vice presidents.

He referred to the infamous accident in which former Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot his hunting companion in 2006.

According to reports, Dick Cheney shot a 78-year-old Texas attorney with a 28-gauge Perazzi shotgun while quail hunting on a ranch in Riviera, Texas. Cheney and Whittington both referred to the incident as an accident.

Watters wondered if anyone had expressed in a thousand words how Dick Cheney felt?

Watters then referenced the chants of “Hang Mike Pence!” during the Capitol riot after Pence refused to follow states’ request to reject their electors on January 6, 2020.  Did Politico publish anything regarding his emotions?  Watters then joked that Mike Pence was nearly hanged by his President.

Did no one write a thousand words about Vice President Pence’s emotions?