Fox News Host Gets Giant Settlement From TV Network

( A former Fox News host, Melissa Francis, received an eight-figure settlement from the TV network after alleging that there was a gender pay gap.

After nine years with Fox News, Francis left the show in 2020. The network has reportedly agreed to settle the dispute, showering Francis with a whopping $15 million. The dispute began when Francis brought up the pay gap to the company, following a conversation she claims to have had with former executive vice president for legal and business affairs at the network, Dianne Brandi.

Brandi allegedly told her that the way the world works is that women make less and that’s just a fact, so Francis will have to accept a lower salary than her male counterparts. The network denies Brandi ever said that.

“Melissa Francis’s version of that conversation is untrue and patently absurd – furthermore, it is illogical that anyone with Dianne Brandi’s level of experience in negotiating talent contracts for a living would make such a ludicrous statement,” a Fox spokesperson told mediaite.

The network claims that they have made equitable treatment a priority, where they have consistently treated all employees fairly. They called Francis’ allegations “without merit,” adding that they are cooperating with the New York State Department of Labor’s investigation.

Francis’ lawyer, Kevin Mintzer, told The Daily Beast that Francis filed a charge with the NYS Department of Labor because Fox News continues to discriminate and retaliate against women, including those who seek equal pay for equal work.”

This is not the first time the network has faced charges for misconduct. In July 2016, Roger Ailes, former chairman and CEO at Fox, was fired after several sexual misconduct allegations came out against him.

While the NYS department of labor is still adjudicating Francis’ claim, her lawyer said that she came out for “the women of the company who remain behind.”