Fox News Host Cracks 2024 Joke About Tucker Carlson

After reaching an agreement with Dominion Voting Systems in which it agreed to pay $787.5 million for defamation damages, Fox News sacked its highest-rated host less than a week after the network struck an agreement with the company. 

Tucker Carlson was fired from his position at Fox News on Monday, which caused reverberations to spread throughout the news media world. 

The suddenness of the firing added to the shockwaves. Carlson was not allowed to be told in a timely fashion so that he could broadcast a farewell episode for himself and his viewers.

Carlson was the most watched and successful host in Fox News history.

To add to Fox’s recent troubles, a former producer for Tucker Carlson Tonight has filed a lawsuit against the network, alleging that the corporation permitted a hostile work environment that included sexual harassment and general misogyny. The company denies all of the allegations that have been made against it.

During an episode of The Five that aired after Carlson’s firing, the panel examined the possibility that President Joe Biden may be reelected to his current post. Jason Chaffetz predicted that Biden would ultimately decide not to run for reelection, even though it is anticipated that he will declare his candidacy in the near future. Chaffetz brought up some recent news – that domestic policy adviser Susan Rice at the White House was resigning and gave the impression that she would run for office in the future.

Chaffetz predicted that she might be a candidate, adding that he didn’t think Biden would be running for president by the end of the year, even though he may announce it.

He went on to explain that in such a scenario, it would be necessary for Rice to run against Kamala Harris for the role of vice president. He said that many Democrats see Harris as the most likely contender to succeed Joe Biden. 

Gutfeld was able to slip in a joke about his former Fox News coworker.

He quipped that in 2024, it’ll be ‘Rice versus Carlson.’

Chaffetz laughed.

The other co-host, Jeanine Pirro, responded with a deadpan “Ok” before promoting the next topic and suddenly cutting to the commercial.