Fox News Guest Says MLK Jr Was Killed By “The U.S. Government”

( The cousin of Coretta Scott King, Martin Luther King Jr’s wife, told Tucker Carlson that the civil rights leader was assassinated by the U.S. government, according to Mediaite. Seneca Scott made the comment while joining the Fox News host to discuss the recent controversial $10 million statue commemorating King and his wife.

The huge statue, called “The Embrace,” was designed to represent the hug between the Kings after he received the Noble Peace Prize in 1964. But the monument has received a lot of backlash for looking strange and off, with Scott comparing it to male genitalia. When asked to comment on it by Carlson, Scott connected it to “wokeism.”

“Things have gone viral and there is pretty much a consensus this statue is a monstrosity and an insult to the family,” Scott said before turning to the leader’s assassination. “He was assassinated by the U.S. government. You talked about JFK’s assassination recently. This was in the same period,” he continued.

King was reportedly assassinated when he was making speeches about racial bigotry to the war in Vietnam, according to Scott. Carlson then pointed out that James Earl Ray, who shot King in Memphis, Tennessee in 1968, likely did not act alone as he was discovered to have two passports in his possession after the killing.

Last month, Carlson spoke about the assassination of John F. Kennedy and claimed that the CIA was involved. He alleged that a source inside the intelligence community confirmed that fact after viewing classified documents.

After the release of new files, Carlson also went after both former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden for withholding the release of additional materials pertaining to JFK’s killing. All of the documents were scheduled to be released by 2017, according to legislation from 1992, Mediaite reports.