Fox News Floats Charging John Kerry

( Michael Flynn caught a lot of flak for communicating with a Russian ambassador during former President Donald Trump’s transition back in 2016. Eventually, that led to him being charged, and convicted, for lying to the FBI about the incident.

Now, some people are saying that John Kerry should face the same scrutiny that Flynn did.

Recent reports are saying that Kerry — who’s serving as the United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate — might have colluded with one of America’s biggest enemies. Allegedly, Kerry held a meeting with Iran’s foreign minister in a similar way to how Flynn met with Russia’s ambassador.

While the two cases involve very different issues, Jack Keane told Fox News recently that he could see how some people could draw comparisons. The retired general is the chairman of the Institute for the Study of War. He said:

“In terms of what Secretary Kerry was doing and other members of the Biden administration, in my judgment is appalling and it’s reckless and significantly irresponsible. What we’re not used to is previous government officials actually colluding and talking to our enemies, and I emphasize enemy because that is who Iran really is. In the past 40 years, there is no nation-state that has killed more Americans than Iran.”

Keane did draw one “considerable difference” between the Kerry situation and that of Flynn — their roles. He said:

“General Flynn, as the incoming national security advisor, certainly talking to the Russian ambassador is part of his responsibility … which is normal protocol.”

In other words, even though the timing of his talks with the Russian ambassador wasn’t legal — nor was him lying about it — Kerry really had no real reason to be talking with the Iranian foreign minister.

A recent Washington Times report says that Kerry and Robert Malley, another official in the Biden administration, held a meeting with Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister, while Trump was still in office. The meetings were orchestrated, the Times reports, to undermine Trump and his remaining time in office.

Kerry apparently met with Zarif at least two times while Trump was still in the White House. In response to this information coming out, Trump said Kerry should be prosecuted under what’s known as the Logan Act.

That law bans any private citizen from engaging with any foreign nation in talks that are unauthorized, specifically if those talks would undermine America’s foreign policy.

A former senior official in the U.S., who remained anonymous for the Times report, said Zarif was holding meetings with veterans of the Obama administration in an effort “to devise a political strategy to undermine the Trump administration.” It was also an effort to soften the stance that the United States had taken toward Iran during the Trump administration.

The topics of those meetings are not known at this time. But what is known is that while Trump was attempting to hold talks with Iran to defuse the tension between the two countries, Malley was meeting with Zarif.

As Keane commented:

“We don’t know exactly why he rejected it, but we can speculate that Malley, who’s now a part of the Biden team, was possibly telling Zarif that he should wait out the Trump administration and get a better deal.”