Fox News Falls For Discredited January 6th “Witness” Against Trump

( Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony before the January 6 Committee was hailed by Fox News and other members of the corporate press only a few hours before Secret Service operatives indicated their intention to contradict Hutchinson’s statement while she was testifying under oath.

During the last days of the Trump administration, Hutchinson worked as an assistant at the White House.

Hutchinson claimed that former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Tony Ornato told her that former President Donald Trump attempted to commandeer the presidential Suburban during the riot in the capitol and became upset when Secret Service agent Bobby Engel tried to stop him. This allegation was made during a surprise hearing held by the committee on January 6.

Hutchinson said that Trump made a statement along the lines of, ‘I’m the effing president, take me up to the Capitol now,” but she did not provide a direct quote.
After the evidence given by Hutchinson, a member of the Fox News team reportedly said the following to Justin Baragona of the Daily Beast: “Yeah, I don’t see how you could spin this.”

Correspondents for Fox News expressed a message that was quite similar in its hyperbolic jackassery.

Bret Baier of Fox News described the testimony given by Hutchinson as “jaw-dropping.”

Baier said that he’s been covering politics for a long time and doesn’t believe there has been testimony like this, seeing the inner workings of a White House in crisis, since Watergate.

Okay. Woodward, calm down.

Fox News anchor, Geraldo Rivera, lauded Baier’s evaluation of Hutchinson’s testimony, saying that it was “fair, accurate, full, and balanced,” before claiming that Hutchinson “deserves a Presidential Medal of Freedom.”

Breathe into a paper sack, Geraldo. You’re getting yourself wound up.

Rivera referred to her testimony as “damning” and a “bombshell.”

Jake Tapper, a journalist for CNN, of all people, gave the soberest account. He gave Hutchinson’s testimony a lot of attention but also stated that “as of now, it is hearsay.”

Shortly after Hutchinson’s testimony, NBC and ABC confirmed that the Secret Service agents with Trump on January 6 were prepared to testify under oath that Trump never attempted to take over the steering wheel of the presidential Suburban and never assaulted either agent. Hutchinson’s testimony was the first to suggest that Trump may have done either.

An intern familiar with Hutchinson says that she is a social climber, and this is just a way for her to get famous.