Fox News Brings In Largest Audience Ever For Biden’s Speech

( On Tuesday, Fox News pulled in the biggest audience out of all news networks during President Joe Biden’s first State of the Union address. Fox News set a record for the number of people tuning in to their network in response to a SOTU address by a Democratic president.

Fox attracted 7.2 million viewers between 9pm and 10:15pm, which was the time it took for Biden to deliver his address. In comparison, far-left news network CNN attracted only 4.8 million total viewers, and MSNBC only managed 4.06 million total viewers at the same time.

This tells us a couple of things. First of all, it shows that Republicans – who are more likely to tune into Fox – were very interested in what President Joe Biden had to say, and the coverage Fox was offering. It shows Republicans are tuned in, regardless of the fact that they overwhelmingly disapprove of the job President Joe Biden has done so far.

It also seems to suggest that Democrats weren’t so interested in what the president has to say – which is by no means good for Joe Biden. With approval ratings barely surpassing 40% these days – and Vice President Kamala Harris not being any more popular than he is – he needs to be attracting the attention of his voters. It was particularly important for Biden to pull in viewers as his speech was designed to inspire hope in the American people, even at a time when prices are skyrocketing and the world teeters on the brink of World War Three.

Fox’s audience was the largest in the history of cable news for a Democratic president’s State of the Union Address, with the previous record being set when President Obama attracted 5.74 million viewers on Fox News during his 2010 address.