Fox News Announces New Primetime Show

( In what could be a response to the rising popularity of smaller conservative news outlets like Newsmax, Fox News just announced that popular blogger and podcaster Dan Bongino will be joining their weekend primetime lineup as the host of a brand new show.

Bongino, a staunch Republican and former United States Secret Service Agent, will bring a pro-Trump and populist message to the Fox News Network. His new show is expected to launch on June 5th and will cover the “most pressing headlines” of the week, while he draws on his experiences as a former law enforcement official to “discuss Americans’ top priorities: liberty, security, and their families.”

“Viewers can expect Bongino’s passionate and powerful voice on topics from policing to censorship,” a press release from Fox News revealed. “Each week he will feature stories and interviews that showcase community heroes like veterans and police officers o the front liens keeping America safe.”

As well as adding Bongino, already a Fox contributor, to the roster, Fox Nation will also begin streaming his “Dan Bongino Show” radio program between 12 and 3pm ET – formerly the timeslot held by Rush Limbaugh.

After weeks of speculation, it looks like Bongino has landed the coveted spot since the death of the legendary conservative radio host.

The new Bongino show does not have a new name. His presence on the network could help win back favor from Trump supporters who have slowly been leaving the network for the likes of One America News and Newsmax.

In March, Newsmax revealed that it was in a “very strong position” with its daily viewership average shooting up to 274,000 last November, and maintaining a number closer to 2077,400 viewers since President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

“I think we’re in a very, very strong position,” said Chris Ruddy, Newsmax founder and CEO. “We’ve consolidated a lot of our success over the last 90 days.”

Bongino’s new show on Fox may well prove a sticking point for Newsmax and OAN.