Fox Axes Whistleblower Reporter

( On Monday during a report on the Houston heat wave, Fox 26 reporter Ivory Hecker announced live on the air that she was being muzzled by the station and her behind the scenes recordings would be featured in an upcoming Project Veritas exposé the following day.

Naturally Fox 26 did not take her on-air announcement at all well.

On Tuesday, June 15, Fox 26 Director of Human Resources Tracey Rivers notified Hecker that she was suspended from her job effective immediately.

Hecker recorded the call.

In a statement released Tuesday evening, Fox 26 confirmed that, contrary to what Rivers said in the call, Hecker was terminated, not suspended.

Calling Hecker a “disgruntled former employee,” Fox 26 stated that Hecker was “seeking publicity” by promoting a “false narrative” through “selective editing and misrepresentation.”

No doubt Hecker was aware that pulling such a Kamikaze move live on-air would not go over well with her employer. But Fox 26 accusing her of doing so because she is a “disgruntled former employee” is a bit of a stretch. She might be “disgruntled,” but as she did this while employed at Fox 26, she was hardly a “former employee.”

Central to Hecker’s complaints against Fox 26 was the station censoring her reports on the use of hydroxychloroquine in treating patients with COVID-19. Hecker accuses Fox 26 of punishing her for stepping outside the narrative.

Hecker further claims that editorial decisions are driven by ad sales rather than public interest. For example, she accuses the station of tailoring its coverage of the COVID vaccine to be in line with the CDC because the CDC is spending a lot of advertising dollars with the station.

After her termination yesterday, Hecker’s mother set up a crowdfunding page with the Christian website to raise money for her daughter. By the end of the day Tuesday, Hecker’s mother had already raised $70,000.

In the wee hours of June 16, Project Veritas released its video featuring Ivory Hecker.