Four Times President Trump Broke Records During Office

( President Donald Trump is one for breaking records and setting precedents, and during his time in office, he did it many times.

Here are four times President Donald Trump delivered record-breaking results for Americans everywhere.

  1. Introduced Gigantic Tax Cuts That Helped the Economy

In 2017, President Donald Trump signed the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act. It was the biggest ever tax reform package passed in the United States and resulted in the best economy America has ever seen.

Over six million American workers received wage increases as a result, and in the years that followed, unemployment hit record lows. It also saw some $1 trillion return to the United States, allowing businesses to stop taking their businesses overseas as a result of high taxes and start investing in America again.

The Democrats wanted people to forget about this when the COVID pandemic wrecked the economy.

  1. Built More Jobs Than Ever and Unemployment Hit Record Lows

As a result of his tax cuts and economic policy, President Trump lowered unemployment to record levels. Black and Hispanic unemployment also hit record lows, proving claims from the Democrats that he would make the lives of non-white people worse wrong.

The Washington Examiner reports how President Trump started off 2020 – before the COVID pandemic hit – with the lowest average unemployment of any other president in American history. At the beginning of the year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that unemployment hit a historic low of 3.5% in December 2019. And, since 2017, the monthly unemployment rate averaged at 3.9%. No president has ever gone below 4% before.

  1. Slashed a Record Number of Regulations

When President Donald Trump campaigned in 2016, he promised to slash regulations. And he did. Trump fulfilled his promise of slashing to current regulations every time a new regulation was introduced, and it resulted in the largest drop of regulations during any presidency.

Since he took office, President Trump even went further than his initial promises, rolling back almost eight regulations for every major new regulation.

As a result, President Trump reduced regulatory costs by over $50 billion.

  1. Record Export Numbers Thanks to USMCA

Remember how the Obama-Biden administration promised to renegotiate NAFTA? Well, they didn’t…and Donald Trump did. The U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement generated more than $68 billion in economic activity for the United States and created more than 176,000 new jobs.

Trump’s trade policies also opened up more than $7 billion in trade with Japan, which began exporting American agricultural goods.