Former Wyoming Sen. Mike Enzi Dies After Bicycle Accident

( Retired Republican Senator for Wyoming, Mike Enzi, has passed away at the age of 77. Known as a “consensus builder” in politics, he was somewhat divisive in national politics.

Former spokesman for Enzi, Mac D’Onofrio, confirmed that he passed away in the company of friends and family on Monday. It comes after he was hospitalized following a cycling accident on Friday, where he suffered broken ribs and neck. Enzi was airlifted to a hospital in Colorado but was unconscious after being admitted.

John Daly, a family friend, said that Enzi has fallen near his home on Friday at around 8:30 pm. Around this time, police officers received a report about a man lying in the road, unresponsive and unconscious, near a bicycle. Police reports suggest that there is no indication that anybody else was involved in the accident, suggesting that Enzi may have fallen off his bicycle on his own.

Enzi will leave behind a legacy of promoting bipartisanship, which has made him unpopular with those on the far left and far right. He established the “80-20” rule, whereby members of Congress would focus on the 90% of an issue where legislators might agree, and discard the 20% of the issue that legislators don’t agree on.

During his final address to the Senate last year, Enzi told his colleagues that nothing gets done when each side is telling the other how wrong they are.

He encouraged his colleagues to ask themselves if anyone has ever changed their opinion after someone got in their face and yelled at them about how wrong they are.

“Usually that doesn’t change hearts of minds,” he said.

Isn’t that so true?

Before his announcement in 2019 that he would not be seeking a fifth term in Congress, Enzi was elected by the people of Wyoming with significant margins – so he will be missed by a huge portion of his state.

RIP Mike Enzi.