Former Spy Arrested For Serving As Double Agent For China

( Reports suggest that a former German Secret Service spy has been arrested over suspicion that he conducted “intelligence agent activities” for the Chinese Communist Party.

A horrifying revelation for the West as a whole, as China increases its hostility against European nations and the United States, ramps up its military arsenal, and forges deeper ties with Russia and North Korea.

Germany’s federal prosecutors released a press statement about “Klaus L.,” a former spy who is accused of supplying the Chinese Secret Service with sensitive information for almost an entire decade. He is accused of beginning the illegal operations in 2010, while also being an informant for the German Federal Intelligence Service.

According to German public news broadcaster ARD, the 75-year-old man was leading a “double life” after providing information to the German intelligence services for 50 years.

Let’s be real here. If a German spy of 50 years can be convinced to work for China and live a double life, how are we meant to believe that Hunter Biden couldn’t possibly be swayed by promises of fortune from China?

Klaus reportedly worked as a political scientist at the Hanns Seidel Foundation from the 1980s until his retirement. The research foundation is linked to the Christian Social Union, a sister-party of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative party. He was also reportedly the owner of a think tank in Germany.

So this was a high-profile guy.

Klaus was arrested on Monday and charges were filed against him. His home was also searched back in November 2019 after he was accused of providing intelligence to China in both the run-up to and the aftermath of various state visits or conferences where both German and Chinese officials attended.

If it can happen in Germany, it can happen in the United States, too…