Former Clinton Adviser Tells Biden to DROP OUT Over Tara Reade Accusations

(PatrioticPost.Com)- Former Hillary Clinton adviser Peter Daou said on Saturday that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden should drop out of the race after new evidence supports sexual abuse claims made against the candidate.

Not every Democrat thinks they can get away with abandoning their principles, it seems.

Daou was also a former adviser to Secretary of State John Kerry, making him fairly recognizable within the party. He argued that the Democrats couldn’t afford to abandon their “believe all women” policy and refuse to take the accusations by Tara Reade seriously.

Daou made the comments on Twitter in what he described as a “DIFFICULT THREAD.”

Stating “BIDEN SHOULD WITHDRAW,” he said that he respects the will of the voters, but that “new information has emerged supporting #TaraReade’s account of being sexually assaulted by #JoeBiden.”

This guy loves hashtags.

Daou predicted that there could be a “potential catastrophe in Nov” if Democrats fail to take the claim seriously.

“Defeating Trump is NOT OPTIONAL,” he said, before suggesting that Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, or Pete Buttigieg could replace him.

He even suggested that Bernie Sanders could restart his campaign and win the remaining primaries. To become the Democratic nominee.

Daou said that Biden withdrawing is the “ethical position” and the “smarter strategy to beat Trump.”

It comes after Tara Reade’s accusations against Biden were given credibility after a video was released of Reade’s mother calling into the Larry King Show in 1993 to discuss her daughter being abused by a “prominent senator.”