Former California Senator Thinks It’s Time For Dianne Feinstein To Quit

( Former Senator Barbara Boxer indicated last week that it might be time for California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein to finally retire. The 88-year-old legislator has famously refused to retire despite clear evidence that she is experiencing cognitive decline, and anonymous sources speaking out to media sources about how Feinstein is unable to properly do her job owing to her age.

Boxer, who is 80 years old, resigned from her seat in the Senate at age 76 in 2017, and indicated in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times that there is a “season for everything” – including walking away from a job you love.

She told the Times that if Senator Feinstein were to call her today and ask for her advice, she would suggest that only she can make the final decision about what she wants to do, but would add that she has enjoyed “very productive years” doing “good things” even after leaving the Senate.

Democrats are becoming increasingly vocal about their concerns with Feinstein. Beyond the obvious fact that few 88-year-olds can perform a job as well as somebody several decades younger, there has also been concern among Democrats that if Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom is replaced by a Republican in the recall election, then the new governor will be able to appoint a senator to replace Feinstein if she falls ill or is forced to resign for some reason.

Given that the Senate is currently split 50-50, her seat is a vital one for the Democrats. If the Republicans had the chance to appoint a GOP Senator, it would immediately stop the Democrats from being able to pass extreme legislation with a simple majority using the budget reconciliation process.

Senator Boxer didn’t explicitly tell Feinstein to quit, but she did heavily indicate that she could enjoy her time outside of the Senate…which might just be a polite way of pushing her to consider resigning and letting the Democrats quickly replace her.