Football Games Across Country Break Out In “F*** Joe Biden” Chants

( It really doesn’t matter how many times the Democrats pull out the tired old line that President Joe Biden won more votes than any other president in history – which is debated, anyway – because the American people just keep proving that he isn’t the most popular president ever.

From opinion polls revealing how Biden’s approval ratings have dropped below 45 points, to the tiny crowds he draws whenever he attends a public event, Biden is truly unpopular among the American people. And we saw that again this week when video footage of crowds at college football games went viral, showing attendees shouting, “F*ck Joe Biden.”

This isn’t one video, either. There are several videos doing the rounds showing young people expressing disgust at the president, which goes against the typical narrative that young people hate Donald Trump and support the Democrats.

One video that went viral was first published over the weekend and shows attendees of a Texas A&M Aggies game against the Kent State Golden Flashes shouting the rude chant. It was shared by an Instagram account titled “The Typical Liberal,” which posts memes and videos.

“Let this be a new trend at all college football games!” the account owner wrote in the post.

See the video below:

It was reportedly the fourth time that video footage showed crowds at college football games using the chant. It was sung by attendees at a Coastal Carolina. Chanticleers game on Thursday, September 2. It was also heard at a Virginia Tech match the following day.

It seems that Big Tech doesn’t want you to know about this, either. Go on Twitter and search “f*ck Joe Biden” and then choose the “video” tab. Despite there being many videos shared online, it claims there are no results.