Following Riots, Kenosha County Sheriff Endorses President Trump

( intense riots that resulted in much of the black business district being burned down by Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists, the County Sheriff for Kenosha, Wisconsin, has endorsed President Donald Trump. On Saturday, Sheriff David Beth published an opinion piece in USA Today endorsing the president.

In the op-ed, Sheriff Beth said that he met President Trump for a round-table discussion about the violence engulfing their community.

“I saw first-hand the support, gratitude and steadfast resolve our president holds for the law enforcement community,” he said in the piece. “The president arrived with a plan to provide the critical resources needed to keep our community safe.”

Sheriff Beth said that once the violence in Kenosha started, he immediately “put in the call to have local and state resources respond to the situation” and that while many responded, they still needed more help.

“This is where the president stepped up and offered us the full resources of the federal government,” he said. “’Whatever you need, it’s coming’ the president relayed to me.”

Beth said that a further 38 sheriffs throughout Wisconsin have also thrown their weight behind President Donald Trump as the best option this November to keep communities safe and to support law enforcement officers.

At the beginning of September, it was reported how riots in the city damaged more than 100 buildings and completely destroyed 50. The total cost of the damage also topped $50 million. Fox News put that number into perspective by showing how Kenosha’s municipal budget was $86.3 million.

Kenosha County Supervisor Terry Rose said in September that 40 businesses were “Out-of-business for good” and called for help from the federal and state governments to assist in rebuilding businesses as well as the state corrections center and parole building, which were set on fire by far-left rioters.

“The county needs to assist the city in bolstering the Uptown community,” he said. “We need to seek federal funds, state funds or local funds to make sure that those police body cameras, which we authorized in a prior resolution, are made very much a part of the forthcoming budget.”

The riots came following the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha. Police officers were responding to a call of an alleged sexual assault, and when Blake resisted arrest and reached for a knife, officers shot him.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists took to the streets in yet another anti-police protest.