First Latina Announces She’s Jumping In GOP Primary

( Yet another candidate has thrown her hat in the ring for Texas’ attorney general position.

Eva Guzman, a former justice of the Texas Supreme Court, will be running for attorney general in 2022. That news was confirmed by her political adviser, Justin Dudley, on Monday.

Last Friday, Guzman resigned from her position on Texas’ highest court. She served on the court for 12 years after being nominated in 2019 by then-Governor Rick Perry.

When she was confirmed, she became the first female Hispanic justice to serve on Texas’ Supreme Court.

Immediately following her resignation, Guzman filed the official paperwork to run for attorney general with the Texas Ethics Commission. In a statement Monday, Dudley announced:

“Eva Guzman has served Texas for over 22 years honorably. She looks forward to putting her experience and know-hot to work in a new role. The campaign will have a formal announcement soon.”

State attorney general races typically don’t draw national attention, but Texas’ 2022 race is already an exception to that rule with a year-and-a-half before the election.

Incumbent Republican Ken Paxton is running for a third term, but he’s facing a lot of controversy surrounding his time in office. He’ll also be facing an apparent large field of challengers that will be led by George P. Bush, the son of former Florida Governor Jed Bush. Bush’s uncle and grandfather were also former presidents of the United States.

Bush has served as the land commissioner in Texas for two terms, but is looking to step up to a much more prestigious role in the state. In announcing his own candidacy, Bush has attacked the controversy surround Paxton. He told Fox News that he’s “a conservative advocate for the state of Texas but without the baggage.”

He continued:

“For many years now, Texans know that their top cop has been under securities fraud indictment and very concerned about that, and last November, it became clear with eight of his top lieutenants alleging everything from bribery to corruption that many at the grassroots level in our state want a change in leadership.”

Paxton has been the focus of a corruption investigation that’s ongoing at the FBI. The case revolves around Paxton abusing his position in a way that benefitted a wealthy donor.

In addition, he’s been under investigation for felony securities fraud for six years now. Those charges have hovered over him for the entire time he’s served as attorney general.

To date, Paxton has denied all wrongdoing in the case. He even has said that the charges against him are motivated by politics.

Paxton has fired back hard at Bush, who he believes will be his biggest challenger in the 2022 race. He said Bush “kind of got this mentality that he’s going to be president some day, and he’s got to get started. That’s it.”

Paxton also said Bush is “not going to run against me on the issues because he’s not competent to do the job … has really no experience in practicing law.”

Guzman, however, has a lot of experience in that field. Maybe she’s the woman up for the task of taking down Paxton.