Fired Fox News Host Ed Henry Drops His Lawsuit

( Ed Henry, who once worked as an anchor at Fox News, has withdrawn his defamation case against CNN and NPR about their coverage of his departure from the network.
Allegations of sexual misconduct led to Henry’s termination from his longtime position at Fox News in the year 2020.

Following his dismissal, David Folkenflik of NPR revealed that officials at the network had been cautioned against promoting Henry to prominent positions.

Folkenflik wrote that according to what NPR found, the network promoted Henry to more prestigious posts even though another employee had previously warned top executives that doing so may hurt Fox’s efforts to alter the workplace atmosphere.

He said that there had been a deluge of allegations of sexual harassment in recent years, which has resulted in the departure of a large number of executives and on-air personalities.

Folkenflik said that NPR heard from several of Henry’s former coworkers that he had a pattern of sexually harassing younger female employees while employed at Fox.

Henry sued over Folkenflik’s report.

Additionally, Henry filed a lawsuit against his former colleague at Fox News, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, and the network’s lead media correspondent, Brian Stelter, for their coverage of his firing.

He claimed that the reporting regarding his firing was prompted by a personal prejudice on the part of the reporters.

Folkenflik revealed the news of the “voluntary dismissal” of the defamation action on Wednesday via his Twitter account.
Henry’s suit against CNN’s @brianstelter and @AlisynCamerota has also been voluntarily dismissed.

Henry was subsequently accused of sexual assault by former Fox colleague Jennifer Eckhart, an allegation he has denied. (She is suing Henry & Fox.)

The story stands. – @davidfolkenflik

In June of 2020, Fox News announced that Henry had been sacked following an inquiry by a third party into older complaints of sexual harassment.

On Thursday, June 25, the network said that we received a complaint against Ed Henry from a former employee’s attorney regarding deliberate sexual misconduct in the workplace years ago. Ed’s employment has been terminated as a result of the investigation.

The claims that Henry had an affair with a “Las Vegas hostess” led to his removal from the air in 2016 by the network he worked for. At the time, Henry was already married.

Before beginning his employment at Fox News in 2011, he was formerly employed at CNN. Real America’s Voice, a conservative online publication, is now Henry’s place of employment.