Feds Rush To Defend Mystery Man Ray Epps

(PatrioticPost.com)- Last week, the Insurrection-screaming New York Times published an article defending Ray Epps, the very man caught on multiple videos urging protesters to storm the Capitol.

Odd isn’t it?

While a senior citizen with cancer is getting jail time for trespassing, Ray Epps has remained free as a bird. Odder still, the New York Times felt it was necessary to give Ray Epps a platform from which to paint himself as a victim.

The Times is quick to claim that Epps has been “baselessly described” as working with the Feds to try and instigate protesters to storm the Capitol on January 6.

Yes, maybe because he is seen on video footage trying to instigate protestors to storm the Capitol.

The Times sheds weepy tears as it describes how “strangers” have “assailed” Epps “as a coward and a traitor.” He had to sell his home and his business, the Times kvetches. Then it quotes Epps as saying all of this happened “for what – lies?”

Again, Epps was captured on video trying to get protesters to storm the Capitol. How is that a lie when it is caught on video?

But to the New York Times, Epps is the victim. “All of this,” Epps whines to the Times, “it’s just been hell.”

He should try spending months in detention in a DC jail awaiting charges. Maybe then Epps would know what hell is like.

In an article at Revolver News last week, Darren Beattie, the man who first broke the story of the mysterious case of Ray Epps, picks apart the Times puff-piece bit by bit, showing that, rather than debunk the so-called “conspiracy theory” about Epps, the article all but confirms that Epps, and the Feds, are hiding the truth.

Beattie believes the hidden agenda behind this puff piece is to help the Feds do a little damage control by preemptively rebutting any future revelations into just how involved Ray Epps was on January 6.

Read Beattie’s article HERE.