Feds Confirm Drug Cartels Taking Over Under Biden

(PatrioticPost.com)-While President Joe Biden refuses to change course on his disastrous southern border plans, federal drug investigators are revealing how violent Mexican drug cartels are moving into the United States and trying to establish a grip over the Seattle and Pacific Northwest regions.

Border crisis? What border crisis?

Federal investigators from Homeland Security revealed to KOMO News that while many illegal drug makers are homegrown, foreign cartels are increasingly moving into the United States – the exact opposite of what was happening during the Trump administration.

Investigators are particularly focused on one group known as the “Jalisco New Generation Cartel,” or CJNG for short. Members of this group are active in Mexico but their sphere of influence and control reportedly expands right through the United States and across most of Washington State.

With hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens apprehended at the border since Biden’s inauguration and news that Mexican cartels are moving into the United States, wouldn’t you think the president would stop and think whether his policies are working?

According to federal law enforcement, the cartel is primarily focused on trafficking fentanyl into the United States across the southern border and transporting it up to the Pacific Northwest via the Interstate corridor.

It’s happening right under our noses.

Robert Hammer, the special agent heading up the investigation with Homeland Security Investigations, told the press that he considers the cartel a “huge threat to the stability of this region.” He added that the group is so blatant about its activities that they regularly use armored vehicles and weaponry in Mexico.

“The display of weapons shows one thing, but if you actually go back and look at what they’ve done with those weapons, what they’ve done with the mass killings, what they’ve done with the destruction of a human to convey the message that they are not to be messed with,” Hammer continued.

Why won’t President Biden even talk about this?