Federal Judge To Appoint Special Master To Review Materials

(PatrioticPost.com)- A Federal judge on Friday granted the Department of Justice’s request to appoint an independent supervisor to review the electronic files seized by FBI agents last month while serving a warrant at Rudy Giuliani’s home.

This independent supervisor, known as a “special master,” will review all the materials on the collected devices in order to prevent investigators from gaining access to privileged communications between Giuliani and his clients – including former President Donald Trump.

This order for a special master covers not only Giuliani’s devices, but also Washington attorney Victoria Toensing whose cell phone was also seized when agents served a separate warrant on her.

District Judge J. Paul Oetken ordered Giuliani and Toensing to confer with DOJ officials in order to come up with a list of candidates to serve as special master.

In the hearing, both Giuliani and Toensing challenged the search warrants and demanded that prosecutors divulge more about why their electronic devices were seized, but Judge Oetken denied their challenge.

Prosecutors are examining whether Giuliani violated federal lobbying laws by failing to disclose to authorities his work on behalf of foreign entities. Additionally, the DOJ is also investigating whether Ukrainian officials associated with Giuliani attempted to influence the outcome of the 2020 election by using Giuliani to funnel “disinformation” in the US – specifically regarding Hunter Biden and his Ukrainian business deals.

Of the electronic devices seized in late April, the FBI downloaded the contents of eleven devices belonging to Giuliani and have since returned them to him. Seven additional devices remain in FBI custody as they require a passcode to access and investigators have not as yet managed to unlock them. Of the seven remaining, not all of them belong to Giuliani personally. Instead, some belong to “certain employees” of his firm Giuliani Partners LLC.

Investigators obtained one phone belonging to Victoria Toensing. Though, according to Toensing’s law firm, investigators told her that she is not the target of the investigation. She is, however, a close ally of both President Trump and Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani denies any wrongdoing and has accused the DOJ of conducting a politically-motivated investigation.

This denial is certainly plausible given the DOJ’s previous politically-motivated investigations of those associated with Donald Trump.