FDA Commissioner Says It’s Time For COVID Origin Investigation

(PatrioticPost.com)- Scott Gottlieb said leaks from labs “happen all the time,” and the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic desperately need to be investigated.

As the former head of the Food and Drug Administration, Gottlieb’s words hold some weight on this topic, too. When discussing a theory that the coronavirus could have possibly come from a lab in the city of Wuhan, China, he said:

“These kinds of lab leaks happen all the time, actually. Even here in the United States, we’ve had mishaps. And in China, the last six known outbreaks of SARS-1 have been out of labs, including the last known outbreak, which was a pretty extensive outbreak that China initially wouldn’t disclose that it came out of lab.”

While the lab leak theory was initially brushed off by liberals as a conservative conspiracy, more and more experts and public health officials in the U.S. are lending some credibility to the possibility. Many officials are calling for a full-fledged investigation to take place to see where exactly the coronavirus originated from.

There hasn’t been any evidence unearthed yet that the virus leaked from a Wuhan lab. At the same time, there has also been no definitive proof that what China is saying is factual — that the virus began in animals and then jumped to humans.

In early May, The Wall Street Journal reported that various researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology got sick and had flu-like symptoms that required them to be hospitalized in November 2019. That’s only one month before the government in China said the first case of coronavirus was discovered.

At the very least, that seems particularly fishy.

In recent days, President Joe Biden asked the intelligence community in the United States to “redouble” their efforts in determining a more definitive conclusion about the origins of COVID-19. The president asked them to do so within 90 days.

Once the review is complete, Biden promised that he would release the findings publicly.

Gottlieb served as commissioner of the FDA under former President Donald Trump, and that association has automatically disqualified his opinion in the past, in the minds of many liberals. Now, though, he’s starting to gain more credibility with people of all political leanings.

He recently said that the theory regarding COVID-19 starting in an animal “really hasn’t budged.” What has changed is the theory that the disease came out of a lab “has continued to expand.”

Unfortunately, Gottlieb said he doesn’t ever believe that a definitive answer will be found as to how and when COVID-19 originated. If indeed the coronavirus came from a lab in Wuhan, he doesn’t believe the truth will ever be known unless a trusted whistleblower steps forward.

On this point, he said:

“I don’t think we’re ever going to get to the bottom of this. Because unless we have a whistleblower — assuming it did come out of a lab, and I’m not saying it did, but assuming it did — unless we have a whistleblower or a regime change in China, you’re not going to truly find out.”