FDA Approves Remdesivir Drug for Coronavirus Treatment, After Media MOCKED Trump for Supporting It

(PatrioticPost.Com)- President Donald Trump was vindicated on Friday when he announced that the Food and Drug Administration has officially approved the emergency use of remdesivir to treat coronavirus patients. The drug has been touted by the president for some time as potentially a good treatment for those who are in desperate need of relief from coronavirus.

Trump issued the statement alongside the CEO of Gilead Sciences, Daniel O’Day, as well as the commissioner for the FDA, Stephen Hahn.

“I’m pleased to announce that GILEAD now has an EUA from the FDA for remdesivir, and you know what that is because that has been the hot thing also in the papers and the media for the last little while; an important treatment for hospitalized coronavirus patients,” Trump said.

The president explained how he spoke to Dr. Fauci, Dr. Hanh, and Dr. Birx about the drug, and that they believe it is a “very promising situation.”

“We’ve been doing work with the teams at the FDA, NIH, and Gilead, for spearheading this public-private partnership to make this happen very quickly.”

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany noted on May 1 that the media pounced on Donald Trump when he said that the remdesivir drug looked promising.

“Now, the positive impact of remdesivir is clear,” she said. “Will the media issue any retractions or apologies?”

O’Day said he feels a “tremendous responsibility” and that he is “humbled” by the FDA approval being an “important first step for hospitalized patients.”

“We want to make sure nothing gets in the way of these patients getting the medicine, so we made a decision to donate about 1.5 million vials of remdesivir,” he added. “We’ll be working with the government to decide how best to distribute that in the United States; we’ll be working very closely to get that to patients, working with FEMA, working with other parts of the government to make sure that we get that to the patients as quickly as possible because there are patients out there that can benefit from this medicine today that are hospitalized and we don’t want any time to waste for that.”

O’Day estimated earlier in the week, in an open letter published online, that a supply of 1.5 million doses would amount to 140,000 treatment courses that last 10 days.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans could soon be saved by this medication after the media pounced on President Trump for saying it looked promising!