FBI Signature Expert Says Hunter Biden’s Handwriting Matches Up On His Laptop

(PatrioticPost.com)- A retired FBI agent with expertise in signature analysis has confirmed that it was Hunter Biden who signed the April 2019 receipt when the notorious laptop was dropped off to a Delaware computer repair shop.

Former Special Agent Wayne A. Barnes told Just the News that the “R.H. Biden” signature on the receipt issued from John Paul Mac Isaac’s repair shop matches signatures on documents known to have been signed by Hunter Biden.

Barnes, a 29-year FBI veteran who mastered signature analysis in his work unmasking Soviet spies, issued a 24-page report commissioned by Just the News. In his review, Barnes noted that the signature on the repair store’s receipt contains many distinctive characteristics that are consistent with Hunter Biden’s signature on other public documents. What’s more, the receipt signature shows no signs of forgery or digital replication.

Barnes now works as a private investigator in Florida and has testified as an expert witness in a number of court cases. Several current and former FBI agents and supervisors recommended him to Just the News to conduct the analysis into the signature on the computer repair shop receipt. These agents and supervisors said Barnes has played essential roles in solving cases involving anything from counterintelligence threats to health care fraud.

Barnes’ conclusion further confirms that it was likely Hunter Biden himself that turned over the laptop in April 2019 then abandoned it.

Mac Isaac, the repair shop owner, subsequently turned the laptop over to the FBI in December 2019.

During the 2020 election, Joe Biden and his campaign – along with many in the corporate media – advanced the claim that Hunter’s laptop was not Hunter’s laptop at all; instead it was “Russian disinformation.”

The New York Post was temporarily banned from Twitter for publishing its initial report on the laptop. Both Twitter and Facebook barred anyone from linking to the article.

In his review of the repair shop receipt, Barnes combed public files for examples of Hunter Biden’s signature. Included in his report were two examples of what Barnes said are “suspect signatures” – ones that do not appear to be original or written spontaneously by Hunter Biden. One of those signatures was on a Chinese business document, the second was on a home document.

Regarding these two suspect signatures, Barnes said further investigation is warranted to fully understand their origins, noting that they could’ve been written by someone else or digitally recreated.