FBI Seized Mass Shooter’s Gun In 2020

(PatrioticPost.com)- The FBI confirmed on Friday that a former FedEx employee who shot and killed eight people at his work facility in Indianapolis this week was interviewed by federal agents last year. A statement from the bureau said on Friday that the man’s mother called the police and said she believed her son would commit “suicide by cop.”

The term “suicide by cop” refers to suicidal individuals deliberately provoking police officers or committing illegal acts in order to get shot and killed by law enforcement.

On Thursday, 19-year-old Brandon Scott Hole began firing at people in the FedEx parking lot. He killed four people outside before entering the building and then killing four more people. Deputy Police Chief Craig McCartt told the press that he then turned the gun on himself.

A home in Indianapolis was searched with evidence, including electronic media and a desktop computer, were searched in the wake of the incident.

Special agent Paul Keenan of the FBI’s Indianapolis field office said that federal agents questioned Hole in 2020 after his mother alerted them to his suicidal feelings. Keenan also said that the FBI was alerted to several items in Hole’s bedroom, but did not say what they were and what they found.

The Associated Press obtained a police report that shows how officers seized a pump-action shotgun from Hole’s home after his mother alerted them to his problems, and the gun was never returned to the property.

Hole is not understood to have planned a politically motivated or racial attack – an important point these days, with Democrats pointing the finger at Republicans for every tragedy that occurs.

“There was no confrontation with anyone that was there,” Deputy Chief McCartt said. “There was no disturbance, there was no argument. He just appeared to randomly start shooting.”

The whole incident reportedly took a matter of minutes to unfold, with at least one hundred people working in the facility at the time of the shooting. Many people there were in the process of changing shifts or taking their lunch break.

The FBI’s announcement that Hole was investigated last year shows just how difficult it is to stop tragedies like this from happening. It comes as the Department of Justice prepares draft legislation for the consideration of states under the order of President Joe Biden, designed to restrict Americans’ Second Amendment Rights.

Does the case of Brandon Scott Hole not indicate how important dealing with mental health problems is?