FBI Says It Is Hearing “Chatter” Of Violence On Inauguration Day

(PatrioticPost)- As the nation braces for the inauguration of Joe Biden as the next President of the United States, the FBI is warning that they are hearing “chatter” about violence on January 20.

If true, it could mean that the United States might well be heading for another period of unrest. Though if it’s not orchestrated by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, it seems uncertain and unlikely that it will be quite as dangerous and long-lasting as the riots seen in 2020.

But who knows?

FBI Director Chris Wray warned on Thursday that the FBI is currently monitoring an “extensive amount of concerning online chatter” which includes calls for protests, but important, some calls for armed protests.

Wray said that the FBI is receiving a “significant” stream of information about upcoming protests and that all information is being shared with relevant law enforcement agencies to help keep people safe.

Federal officials have also warned that the tragic events of January 6, that saw a small contingent of Trump supporters storm the Capitol Building – along with a CNN reporter and Antifa activists – might inspire others to do something similar at state Capitol buildings all over the country.

“We’re looking at individuals who may have an eye towards repeating that same kind of violence that we saw last week,” Wray also said.

The FBI director also offered a warning to those planning to engage in violent protest.

“We know who you are. If you’re out there, an FBI agent is coming to find you,” he said.

To respond to the threat of protest at Joe Biden’s inauguration. The FBI is planning to operate a command post at headquarters and at all of its 56 field offices.

“Our posture is aggressive, and it’s going to stay that way through the inauguration,” Wray said.

Wouldn’t it have been great if the authorities took the violence and riots at the inauguration of President Donald Trump this seriously?

Cast your mind back to January 2017, when far-left extremists and Democrats were smashing up buildings in Washington, D.C. and causing untold damage to the city.

And now cast your mind back a few months when Democrats and Antifa were burning down American cities…

Let’s all hope that the FBI is successful in stopping any violence on inauguration day, whether it comes from left-wing or right-wing activists.