FBI Nabs Actor After Daily Wire Movie Premiere

A man who had a role in the DailyWire+ comedy “Lady Ballers” was taken into custody after the Nashville premiere last week on suspicion of involvement in an incident that occurred on January 6, 2021, at the United States Capitol.

A legal defense fundraising established in his honor states that Siaka Massaquoi was apprehended by federal officials on November 30th, upon his and Charlotte’s return to California after the performance.

According to the GoFundMe page, Massaquoi, featured in The Daily Wire’s new comedy, was arrested on four misdemeanor charges related to January 6. He was then transferred to the Monterey Park Jail and remained there overnight.

About three years ago, about six months after that notorious day in 2021, some twenty FBI officers in tactical gear stormed Massaquoi’s North Hollywood house shortly before six o’clock on a Thursday, as reported by The Los Angeles Times.

According to video footage shared by the Texas-based activist organization StopHate, captured during the Capitol break, Massaquoi is seen inside the building.
The group’s video was shared on Massaquoi’s X account. He added that almost three years after being raided two years ago, he was detained and charged on November 30, 2023.

The “Californians Move to Texas” segment on The Babylon Bee included Massaquoi. The head of the humor website, Seth Dillon, referred to Massaquoi’s detention as “political persecution.”

Dillon shared Massaquoi’s arrest warrant on Monday, which included allegations such as rowdy and disruptive behavior in a restricted facility and knowingly entering a prohibited building.

According to the fundraiser’s website, Massaquoi has been “scrutinized at airports for numerous years,” while the family has never faced charges, they have “feared that this day would come” when the government would accuse him of something he didn’t commit.

Of the $115,000 target, approximately $40,000 has been collected so far by the Massaquoi fundraising to pay for the legal fees. In light of the couple’s impending parenthood, the campaign website kindly asked supporters to remember them in prayer.

Podcast presenter Lori Mills said that Massaquoi was freed with restrictions after being charged by the authorities on Friday.

Jeremy Boreing, who co-founded The Daily Wire and directed the film, defended Massaquoi.

Based on reports, the DOJ has filed charges against over 1,069 people from almost every state and DC concerning January 6.