FBI Insider Tells What Most Important Information Is In Murder Probe

(PatrioticPost.com)- Several pieces of evidence have surfaced since the publication of a police affidavit, reportedly connecting suspect Bryan Kohberger to the murder of four University of Idaho students.

The “most crucial” piece of information in the case against murder suspect Bryan Kohberger has been described by an ex-FBI official.

Even though this places him close to the house, an expert claims that the phone records are mostly “supporting evidence” and don’t demonstrate that Kohberger actually entered the house.

Police did, however, confirm that DNA matching Kohberger’s was discovered on a knife sheath left at the crime scene.

Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe said it was “by far the most important piece of evidence in this case.”

He said, “All the phone records in the region, showing him traveling back and forth, probably between his residence and the homicide scene on the night of the murders, none of that truly places him in the house.”

He said the DNA placed him at the residence and, more specifically, in the bed where two victims were discovered. Therefore, it is” unquestionably the most crucial piece of evidence.”

If Kohberger used gloves when allegedly committing, the crime is unknown. It’s possible that if the suspect hadn’t been wearing gloves, other parts of the house would have contained DNA that matched the suspect.

DNA was probably applied to the knife sheath’s button before the homicide, McCabe continued.

According to McCabe, police obtained “familial DNA” from a garbage can at Kohberger’s parents’ house, giving them “a fairly solid idea” that the sample taken from the knife sheath belonged to the suspect.

Further evidence would support the allegations, such as phone records demonstrating that Kohberger visited the crime scene at least 12 times since June 2022

Additionally, McCabe mentioned that investigators might have had other information that hasn’t been publicized.