FBI Announces Investigation Targeting Rudy Giulliani Because He Investigated Bidens

(PatrioticPost.com)- Former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani is reportedly being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation over a documentary project he is working on about President Joe Biden and his family’s connections to Ukraine.

The FBI investigation into the former personal lawyer of former President Donald Trump was revealed by Mother Jones on Thursday, and is reportedly focuses on both Giuliani and California businessman George Dickson III. The two men are working together on the film, speaking to sources who are reportedly revealing the dark secrets about Biden’s alleged ties to Ukraine – something the White House obviously don’t want people to know about.

In May last year, Mother Jones revealed that the project was seeking $10 million in funding, in the hope of revealing the dark secrets before the time the election came around.

Giuliani’s persistent investigation into Biden’s disturbing foreign connections has already gotten him into trouble, and it appears as though he isn’t giving up. CNN published leaked audio back in 2019 that they claimed showed Giuliani wrongly acting on behalf of the former president and encouraging a Ukrainian official to publicly announce an investigation into Joe Biden.

But doesn’t it make you wonder…what is wrong with announcing an investigation when there is evidence of wrongdoing?

As soon as the FBI became aware of Giuliani being hot on Biden’s trails in Ukraine, another investigation into Giuliani’s activity was previously announced by the FBI. It was claimed that Giuliani was guilty of illegally lobbying foreign governments on behalf of the former president. It resulted in a raided of Giuliani’s office and home in New York City in April.

Dickson also had his home raided by the FBI in June of this year.

It looks like some high profile people really don’t want this film to be released.