Famous Actress May Run For 2024

(PatrioticPost.com)- As if there aren’t enough dimwitted idiots in Congress, former child star and rechristened political activist Alyssa Milano is considering jumping into the 2024 race by challenging California District 4 Republican Congressman Tom McClintock.

In late May, Milano took to Twitter to complain about McClintock voting against the Asian Hate Crimes bill, and asked her followers if she should run against him.

McClintock objected to the bill arguing it conflated opposition to the Chinese Communist Party with violence against Americans of Asian descent. Which, in reality, was exactly why Democrats pushed for the bill and why over sixty Republicans voted against it.

But Milano isn’t the brightest bulb. The likelihood that she understands that this bill was politically-motivated garbage that advances CCP propaganda is slim.

Milano explained her desire to run by saying that it would take someone with “name recognition and deep pockets” to run against McClintock.

Currently Milano says she is “gathering information” and speaking with consultants and members of the community and hasn’t yet decided whether or not to throw her pussy hat in the ring.

After Trump won the White House, Milano was among the most vocal members of the Hollywood Resistance. She actively took part in campaigning for Democrats running for special elections in 2017 – including Jon Ossoff’s special election run for Congress (he lost) and Rob Quist’s run in the House special election in Montana (he lost).

There has been no far-Left cause Milano hasn’t glommed onto over the last four years.

She promoted the NFL taking a knee – even going so far as to pose her own child kneeling while holding a football.

She also went all-in on the MeToo movement — a tactic she exploited to its fullest to target and attack Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in 2018.

Milano led boycotts against states that passed restrictions on abortion – even advocating for a so-called “sex strike” to fight for “bodily autonomy.”

During the 2020 election, the MeToo Milano torched her reputation when she came out in defense of Joe Biden after his former staffer Tara Reade accused him of sexual assault.

It is far too early to tell if her possible 2024 run for Congress would be successful. McClintock won reelection in 2020 with 56% of the vote. But as Alyssa would be running in California, the state that delivered such awful people as Katie Hill, Adam Schiff, Ted Lieu, Eric Swalwell and Maxine Waters, a Milano victory wouldn’t be at all surprising.