Family of Jocelyn Nungaray Shouts at Migrant Suspects During Hearing

In the United States, the political climate continues to deteriorate rapidly as less than five calendar months separate the people of the union from the upcoming presidential election in November. Over the last 4 years, political tensions have worsened since the 2020 election and the covid-19 pandemic. The 46th incumbent President Joe Biden has governed in a controversial manner much like his predecessor Donald Trump. While Biden entered the oval Office claiming to be a unifier and promising to govern in a centrist and moderate fashion, he often has not done so. Many policy decisions that the president and his administration have made have been questioned by not only conservatives and Republicans opposing him and his party but also members of his own faction. One major problem is that of illegal migration. The New York Post recently reported that by the fall of 2024, the federal migration backlog will pass 8 million individuals, a staggering 167% increase since the 2019 calendar year. 

Biden recently announced plans to give amnesty and citizenship to millions of foreign migrants. Many of these migrants have infiltrated America’s inner cities, and often have received food, clothing, housing and health benefits at taxpayer expense while Americans struggle to pay their bills and keep up with the rapid rising costs associated with inflation. Republicans and critics of the president alike have claimed that illegal migration, which has existed in an unfettered manner over the last several years, is unsustainable and puts the nation’s national security at risk. 

While Biden has claimed that illegals are not behind rising crime in the United states, many reports prove this to be untrue. In Texas, a 12 year old girl named Jocelyn Nungary I thought to have been murdered by two illegal migrants from Venezuela. In a heartbreaking occurrence, family members of the slain girl yelled “murderer” at the apprehended and accused migrants. The girl was found dead in a creek.