Fake Fox News Account Pops Up On Trump’s Platform

(PatrioticPost.com)- Earlier last week, a confirmed Fox News account was discovered on former President Trump’s Truth Social app.

But there was one small problem.
Fox News says it was unauthorized.
An Axios reporter initially reported the sighting on Truth Social. Axios posted photographs of the account and statements from the app’s CEO, former Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), who applauded Fox News’ presence.
Nunes posted – Great to have RSS feed for @FoxNews now LIVE here on TRUTH! This adds to @OAN and @NewsMax.
However, a Fox News representative said its presence on the platform is non-existent.
It’s unclear how or why the Fox News account was added to the site or why it was verified.

That would have been great news for the upstart yet struggling platform.
The media app has spun a bit in the starting blocks, dropping to the bottom of the Apple Store’s list of top free downloads only two weeks after its official launch. The app has also been unreachable at times, with considerable wait periods for people who want to use it.
Why the commotion? Investors would have considered Fox News’s involvement a massive plus for the floundering app. On Tuesday afternoon, when the Axios reporter tweeted about the verified account’s existence, shares of the blank-check business Truth Social public skyrocketed.
The Fox News account was verified and did not include a bot disclaimer, indicating to Truth Social users that it was indeed from the corporation.
A Fox News representative told the world, “We’re not on Truth Social.”
Nunes recently belittled Twitter, calling it a “ghost town” and claiming that the social media medium urgently requires Tesla CEO Elon Musk to be active.
Truth Social, whose downloads have dropped considerably, still does not have an active account of the former president. He has yet to use his own platform.