“Fact Checkers” Are Heavily Invested In Communist China Financially

(PatrioticPost.com)- In yet another shocking expose from the National Pulse, one of the main funders of “fact-checking” and media organizations has strong connections to the Chinese Communist Party.

Is it any wonder every left-wing media outlet has a “fact-checker” rushing to the defense of China every day?

The Knight Foundation, which is a left-wing organization funded by George Soros that funds anti-conservative news outlets have investments in companies tied not only to the Chinese Communist Party, but even to the Russian government.

When the Democrats say the Republicans are in bed with Russia…they’re really talking about themselves!

According to the report, the most recent financial disclosures from the Knight Foundation show more than $17 million invested in an investment fund connected to the CCP and more than $1.2 million invested in Russia Partners, which publicly celebrates and boasts about its strong connections to Russian “government leaders.”

The report also shows since 2011 at least, financial disclosure forms from the Knight Foundation shows two investments, one from IDG-Accel China Capital II, and IDG-Accel China Growth III. The total value of these investments are $11,597,551 and $6,066,392, respectively.

And if that wasn’t shocking enough, more than a dozen employees at the organization have links to the CCP, including officials who previously worked n the State Department and for China Mobile, a proxy company for the Chinese military.

The great irony about all this is that the Knight Foundation has performed several polls that prove quite the opposite of what George Soros would like you to think.

One study from August last year showed how 86% of Americans believe there is political bias in the way the media covers the news.

The Knight Foundation also revealed how over two-thirds of American college students believe that campus climate precludes students from talking about their opinions as classmates might find them offensive.

There seems to be only so much that Soros money can do to advance a radical agenda – and changing the minds of the general public doesn’t seem to be a strong point.

You can read the full, damning report here.