Facebook “Whistleblower” Is A Major Democrat Donor, Supporter of Ocasio-Cortez

(JustPatriots.com)- Frances Haugen is the so-called “Facebook whistleblower” who appeared virtually overnight, immediately shifting the narrative about Facebook and Big Tech’s censorship of conservatives. Haugen came forward with a number of complaints about the company that she previously worked for, suggesting that it was responsible for violence, division, and ethnic unrest.

The claims were immediately echoed by mainstream media outlets and used as a stick to beat Big Tech and conservatives with.

Everyone knows she isn’t a real whistleblower and that she’s actually trying to force the government into censoring Big Tech, but a new report revealed how Haugen has donated 36 times to Democrat candidates over the years…including far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The National Pulse reported how Haugen has a long history of supporting radicals, and that she made these donations during her time working at Gigster, Pinterest, and Facebook. The donations total almost $2,000 and were made between December 2016 and now.

More evidence she’s not a whistleblower but a political activist.

The report revealed how Haugen gave money to Ocasio-Cortez’s congressional campaign as well as a donation to her political action committee “Courage To Change.”

Haugen even supporter the “It Starts Today” activist group, which is committed to funding primaries for GOP races to stop real conservatives from obtaining office. It was founded by Jonathan Zucker of Act Blue and purposely works to destabilize the Republican Party. “It Starts Today” received two donations from Haugen.

Does anybody believe that this woman is genuinely a whistleblower?

And does it really matter if people don’t believe it when the media will just promote her anyway?