Facebook Was Convinced By India’s Oppressive Regime To Censor 27 Million Posts

(PatrioticPost.com)- On Tuesday, Facebook dubbed itself “Meta,” and released a “compliance report” claiming that 24.6 million pieces of material in India were banned in March. On the Instagram platform, another 2.7 million pieces of material were removed.

Meta said in a statement to the Times of India (TOI) that the report outlines their efforts to remove harmful information from Facebook and Instagram and their continuous commitment to make Facebook and Instagram safe and inclusive. And to detect and assess content against their policies, they employ a combination of artificial intelligence, reports from their community, and reviews by their staff.

According to the compliance report, Meta received 656 notifications of objectionable content for Facebook and 1,150 submissions for Instagram through the “Indian grievance mechanism.”

Meta stated that it replied to all of the reports.

Meta claimed it offered options for users to remedy their difficulties in the majority of the Facebook instances and approximately half of the Instagram ones.

The remaining millions of erased items were allegedly uncovered by Facebook employees or automated systems. The majority of the removed articles were labeled as spam, while 2.5 million were supposedly violent and graphic content, and 2.1 million were content linked to adult nudity and sexual behavior.

In May 2021, India enacted a contentious set of Internet laws that mandated social media sites to publish a monthly compliance report with information on complaints received and measures taken.

Companies were also obliged to employ an Indian-based chief compliance officer and grievance redressal officer.

Indian courts put a lot of pressure on social media corporations to comply.
The “IT 2021 Rules” were first invoked in December, when twenty YouTube channels and two websites were banned for allegedly promoting anti-India propaganda from Pakistan.

According to the laws, social media companies must remove anything endangering India’s security within 24 hours of receiving a properly filed complaint from any individual.

Indian government authorities can also order the deletion of content and the blocking of accounts. The Indian Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) ordered the blocking of 22 YouTube channels for disseminating disinformation relevant to India’s national security, international relations, and public order in late April.

MIB said that the Government of India remains committed to guaranteeing a legitimate, trustworthy, and safe online news media environment and blocking any attempts to undermine India’s sovereignty and integrity, national security, international relations, and public order.