Facebook Execs Reportedly Knew Trafficking Was Happening On Platform, But Did Nothing

(PatrioticPost.com)- Social media giant Facebook is having a tough time lately. Conservatives have consistently noted its blatant bias against Republicans, a fake whistleblower by the name of Frances Haugen has claimed that the company isn’t doing enough to censor conservatives, and there are several ongoing lawsuits related to the company’s alleged anti-competitive behavior.

And now, Facebook is facing accusations that it knew of a sex trafficking network that saw 40 people trafficked to the United States – and didn’t do anything about it.

On August 2019, David Williams of Pensacola, Florida, was arrested on trafficking charges. He was charged with running a number of so-called “massage parlors” in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. He was jailed in November 2019 after pleading guilty.

Facebook confirmed that it knew of the trafficking ring in an internal memo from 2019, where they claimed that they had “disrupted” the criminal network and blocked each of the 84 pages and 22 profiles associated with it.

However, according to court documents, Facebook has yet to provide any evidence whatsoever that information obtained by the tech giant was provided to the FBI or any other relevant authorities.

It means that Facebook may have known about it, but not actually done anything about it.

USA TODAY reports that even after Williams was sentenced, at least three Facebook pages relating to the fake massage parlors he ran were still available on Facebook along with misleading phrases like “full-body sensual massages” on those pages, complete with winking emojis.

So Facebook didn’t take down all of this trafficking ring’s pages after all…

Only after they were flagged to Facebook were they removed.

People familiar with the criminal investigation into the matter also told USA TODAY that they have no memory of Facebook providing any information about the ring.

We’ll have to wait and see how this one unfolds…