Experts Say Biden “Killed Our Economy” With Pipeline Decisions

( Fox News presented a brief video of South Dakota residents expressing their frustration and anger over President Joe Biden’s decision to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline.

These are the people whose lives and livelihoods were directly harmed from Biden’s inauguration day executive order to halt the Keystone Pipeline’s construction. And they were not at all shy about telling Fox News exactly how they felt about it.

Paulette, one woman from Philip, South Dakota blasted the President who is frequently praised for his “empathy” and “compassion,” saying that Biden doesn’t care about the people of South Dakota. “If he did care,” she told Fox, “Keystone would be going.”

Jeff Birkeland, the CEO of West Central Electric Cooperative told Fox that Biden might have run on “Build Back Better,” but from where he’s standing, that’s “a load of crap.” Birkeland suggested Biden go with the slogan “Butchering Booming Business.”

Birkeland described the Keystone XL Pipeline as a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” for the town of Philip because the project would have brought unprecedented economic growth to the area.

Birkeland’s West Central was one of three South Dakota electric cooperatives that were working on substations for the now-dead pipeline. West Central had already invested $9 million in the project when Biden canceled it on his first day in office.

“He’s literally pulled the rug out from under us and killed our economy,” Birkeland told Fox.

Paulette told Fox News that Joe Biden gets “no love from this area.” She said the Keystone Pipeline would have brought money to improve the schools and help the community. “It was going to be a good deal,” she said, “and he trashed it.”

Philip resident Duane Adair who manages the town’s only motel told Fox that there was “no common sense” in Biden’s decision to shut down pipelines especially now that he is claiming we don’t have enough oil.

Watch the segment HERE.