Ex-Foreign Minister Says Putin Will Be Removed

(PatrioticPost.com)- An ex-Ukrainian foreign minister predicts that Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, will eventually be removed.

Volodymyr Ohryzko discussed how there are more and more indications that there are internal divisions within the Kremlin as Putin’s assault against Ukraine is failing.

The ambassador responded to Daniel Treisman, a professor of political science at UCLA, who predicted that Putin’s regime would finally collapse completely in an interview with Ukraine’s Radio NV. The Russian president’s leadership is dysfunctional, and the number of crises it must respond to exceeds its capacity to do so.

Treisman contends that when crises mount, and the Kremlin’s ability for decision-making is overwhelmed, Putin’s rule is now more susceptible than ever to a specific threat: a paralyzing meltdown.

According to Treisman, as his war drags on, Putin is confronted with a multitude of challenges, including tactical setbacks, tensions between elites, economic setbacks, declining budget revenues, dissatisfaction over mobilization, and worker rallies. He continued by saying that the list would only become longer and that the risk of losing control would rise due to the mounting workload.

Treisman concurred with Ohryzko, who served as Ukraine’s foreign minister from December 2007 until March 2009.

We cannot yet forecast when the system will fall apart, but it will, and it will do so for a variety of reasons, he said, adding that the trends for Putin “are quite unfavorable.”

Ohryzko discussed the ambiguity of the war, which started on February 24 when Putin invaded Ukraine.

Since his situation is starting to become unknown, he is already unable to handle this management, according to Ohryzko. We observe regional developments.

According to the official, Russian “elites” are starting to realize that “the center is becoming weaker and weaker.”

Ohryzko declared this is a more significant threat to Putin than all the prospective, possibly rising dissatisfaction of society, which will not come. Putin’s dictatorship is under attack from the inside, and it’s not because of some sort of uprising against what’s happening; instead, it’s because of “wounded self-love.”

Ohryzko continued, “Putin will be eliminated.