Even Nancy Pelosi Admits It’s Wrong That Troops Weren’t Deployed On January 6th

(PatrioticPost.com)- President Donald Trump has stated time and time again that his efforts to deploy the National Guard during the January 6 riots were blocked, but far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trying to shift the blame by now claiming that it is “inexplicable” why the National Guard wasn’t deployed.

The former president headlined a peaceful protest on Capitol Hill the day of January 6, 2020, before a small contingent of radicals left the group and stormed the Capitol Building. They were joined by Antifa and other far-left activists, and even a plethora of journalists who also entered the Capitol Building. Trump called for peace and insisted that violent rioters leave D.C. and go home, but Pelosi and others still push the baseless claim that Trump incited the riot.

During a recent interview on CNN for a special titled “Live from the Capitol: January 6th, One Year Later,” Pelosi claimed that she, along with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer made calls to various officials, including governors, while the riot was taking place. She claims that she was “fighting to get the National Guard and it was very hard.”

How hard were they fighting, exactly? About as hard as the police officers who literally stepped aside and let protesters enter the Capitol Building without much fuss at all?

Pelosi said that she was told by various officials that they needed approval, that they needed to speak to their superiors, and so on.

“It was inexplicable, just made no sense at all,” she said.

Isn’t it funny how Nancy Pelosi is pretending she supports sending in the National Guard for a riot in D.C., which lasted a couple of hours and resulted in very minimal damage, but she didn’t care when Democrat voters were rioting in hundreds of American cities during 2020, causing as much as $2 billion in damage nationwide?

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund previously told the press that he made requests for the National Guard to assist with controlling the January 6 riot, but that Senate and House security officials rejected his requests and proposed alternative plans of action.

Explain that one, Nancy.