Even Democrats Admit Sarah Palin Might Win, As She Considers Congressional Run

(PatrioticPost.com)- The Daily Beast is really mad about former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin, writing on March 23 that “Sarah Palin Is Ridiculous, and She Could Get Elected to Congress.”

Well, here’s to hoping!

The outlet reported on how Palin said that there is “nothing to lose” when she said that she is considering throwing her hat into the ring to replace Alaska Rep. Don Young who passed away on Friday. It’s an indication that Palin may be considering re-entering political life after never running for elected office after her run for the vice presidency in 2008.

“Is Palin serious about emerging from her self-imposed exile in the political tundra to seek out elected office for the first time in over a decade?” the Daily Beast writes.

Palin did consider running for Congress last year over her anger with fake Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski who is a staunch critic of former President Donald Trump and his Make America Great Again agenda. Palin did not, however, follow through on the idea.

Curiously, The Daily Beast referred to Murkowski as a “living legend.”

A living legend? Really? Democrats will heap praise on any neocon Republican so long as they hate former President Donald Trump. It proves that they really don’t have any true beliefs about…anything.

The entire piece from the left-wing news outlet just lists everything that Palin has done over the years, before complaining about Palin choosing to spend more time lately in Arizona.

…So? Is she not allowed to?

The outlet tried to claim that Palin may break Constitutional rules that require candidates to be a resident of the region that they are running in, but only at the time of the election. It seemed to be an effort to prematurely predict that Palin would break the rules…

Take a look at the piece here. If you read it, you’ll notice just how scathing the writer is. It doesn’t read so much as mockery as it does nervous anger.

They know that Palin could win. And hey, maybe she could even run for the office of the vice president again…there’s a certain Republican presidential candidate looking for a new running mate…