Even CBS Admits Trump CAN Win If Republicans Turn Out

(PatrioticPost.com)- Even left-wing news outlet CBS News reported on Sunday evening that President Donald Trump stands a good chance of winning the presidential election if Republicans turnout. The left-wing outlet bucked the trend of mainstream media outlets calling early victories for former Vice President Joe Biden, and said that the president could win on election day if the turnout is high.

CBS discussed Joe Biden’s lead in the polls in early voting in some key swing states but said that President Trump’s voters are more likely to turn out on election day. CBS called this a “Republican-surge scenario,” but could have perhaps described it as an expected scenario.

“Joe Biden heads into Election Day preferred by voters who have already cast their ballots early,” CBS said. “President Trump has a lead among those who plan to show up on November 3.”

“We estimate from our polling that Mr. Trump is doing, on average, over 30 percentage points better among likely Election-Day voters than early voters. We know the approximate size of the early vote so far, and we vary the potential size of the Election-Day vote to explore two scenarios,” CBS explained.

In their so-called Republican0-surge scenario, the number of people voting on election day becomes so large that it mitigates any small advantage that Joe Biden has before election day. CBS said that they increased the size of the election-day vote by an average of seven points in the Republican-surge scenario while keeping vote preference among election-day and early voters fixed.

If this scenario pans out, President Donald Trump would be set to win 279 Electoral College votes. That’s fewer than last time but still suggests that even CBS is willing to accept that the president has a chance of winning.

Meanwhile, political commentators are offering their opinions on how the electoral map would look based on current data.

Kevin McCullough, who predicted the results accurately last time, is now predicting that President Trump will win an even bigger electoral college victory this time.

What do you think – will President Trump will tonight? Or…in the coming weeks?