Environmentalists Reverse Course on Israel Boycott

(PatrioticPost.com)- An environmentalist organization known as the “Sierra Club” has scrapped plans to cancel its trip to Israel after extreme-left activist groups tried to bully them into it. On Tuesday, the organization issued a statement claiming that their trip to Israel had never actually been canceled and that they will be sticking to their schedule.

“The Sierra Club hastily made a decision, without consulting a robust set of stakeholders, to postpone two planned outings to Israel,” Dan Chu, the executive director of the group said in a statement.

“We intend to update our schedule soon to offer new outings to Israel later this year,” the statement continued.

While the organization insists that the trips were never fully canceled – only rescheduled – the group is making a bold decision to stand up to vicious anti-Semites and extreme left-wing organizations that believe in boycotting the only Jewish state. Among the groups pressuring the Sienna Club to cancel its scheduled trips was the Jewish Voice for Peace, the Sunrise Movement, and the Movement for Black Lives. The extremist groups claim that the trip would provide legitimacy to the Israeli state, before wrongly accusing the Israeli government of engaging in an “apartheid against the Palestinian people.”

There is no evidence that Israel engages in discrimination against Arabs, let alone “apartheid.” And obviously, the Sierra Club recognized this.

Not only did the Sierra Club initially back down to the left-wing groups and initially cancel the trips, but reports also revealed that he had appointed a group of people from within his organization to address the demands of the extremist groups attacking him.

Let’s hope Chu sticks to his word…