Elon Musk Twitter Offer Exposes Left Even if He Loses

(PatrioticPost.com)- Elon Musk’s bid to purchase Twitter may not succeed. But even if it doesn’t, the offer alone has done a lot to expose the Left’s reliance on controlling information as a way to maintain its power.

This was clear from the way Democrat lawmakers, corporate news media, and leftwing activists lost their minds over the possibility of a billionaire proponent of free speech taking Twitter away from their clutches.

The backlash was not only swift and intense, but it was also unbelievably melodramatic.

On the day Musk announced his purchase offer, the Washington Free Beacon’s Drew Holden put together a quick thread of some of the craziest tweets from the people who, in January 2021 celebrated Trump getting banned from Twitter.

But the backlash wasn’t restricted to Twitter.

Washington Post columnist Max Boot penned a column fretting that Musk owning Twitter would be an existential threat to “democracy.” According to Boot, to save our constitutional Republic, “we need more content moderation, not less.”

Nothing presents a bigger “threat” to the country than freedom of speech.

Writing in the Guardian, Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich said Elon Musk’s embrace of free speech is similar to “the dream of every dictator, strongman, demagogue, and modern-day robber baron on Earth.”

Yes, because every dictator rejects censorship and embraces giving his subjects more free speech.

Just the thought of Musk owning Twitter forced these lunatics to drop the façade and admit the truth: they hate free speech because a citizenry that is free to join the digital public square is a threat, not to “democracy,” but to their grip on power.

Just as Democrat politicians, leftwing activists, and teachers’ unions are desperate to maintain their monopoly on public schools, the Left cannot abide losing its monopoly on the digital marketplace of ideas.

So much depends on keeping Twitter in the hands of censorious Leftists, especially during an election year.

This is why Twitter’s board of directors is willing to tank the company’s stock value to keep Musk at bay. Nothing, not even the company’s value, matters as much as keeping Twitter in the hands of the ideological left.