Elon Musk Responds To Founder Claims On Tesla

(PatrioticPost.com)- As previously reported, Elon Musk, a billionaire entrepreneur, has debunked the idea that he did not truly create the electric vehicle firm, Tesla.

According to one Twitter thread, the world’s richest man responded to an argument by entrepreneur Vaibhav Sisinty that Musk had simply “bought” the firm rather than starting it from the ground up.

“Elon Musk was not the founder of Tesla. He obtained it,” Sisinty wrote on Twitter. “It’s just a friendly reminder.”

Musk retaliated, claiming that what he had purchased was a concept with no structure or resources behind it.

According to Musk, what Sisinty wrote was not even close to the truth. It was nothing more than a shell corporation with zero employees and zero intellectual property, no designs, no prototype, and literally nothing else but a business plan for the commercialization of AC Propulsion’s Tzero car.

In Musk’s words, if establishing a shell corporation constitutes starting a company, he would be the founder of PayPal. He was the one who submitted the first incorporation documents for X.com (later renamed PayPal). But that is not what “creating a company” entails.

Musk said when Eberhard was fired unanimously by the board of directors in July 2007 (for pretty excellent reasons), no one followed him out the door.

“That says it all,” he remarked.

Lastly, Musk asserted that history could always be modified on Wikipedia if the “losing side” had enough spare time. When it comes to Wikipedia, they say history is written by the victor, but not if the losing party is still alive and has a lot of time on their hands!
Sisinty then clarified that his purpose was not to minimize Musk’s importance at Tesla but rather to indicate that the billionaire may have a similar influence on Twitter if he is successful in his effort to purchase the social media platform.

Sisinty also said that he thinks if @elon gains control of Twitter, he will be able to tap into Twitter’s real potential. For a company to succeed, it needs a strong leader, who in most cases is the firm’s founder. But Jack Dorsey is out of the picture.

“Elon can be the one,” he clarified a few hours after the incident.

Published reports state that Musk has received the financing necessary to proceed with his aspirations to purchase the social networking website. According to Amanda Prestigiacamo of The Daily Wire, “Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated Thursday that he has secured commitment letters for $46.5 billion in cash to acquire Twitter and a workaround because the Twitter board has remained deafeningly silent to the billionaire.”

Twitter’s board of directors decided to implement a limited duration shareholder rights plan to weaken Musk’s authority and thwart any quick steps he could make to acquire the firm.