Elon Musk Promises To Protect Children On Twitter, Gets Called Far-Right

(PatrioticPost.com)- Who knew that fighting child grooming and preventing exploitation was a position on the “extreme right”?

Reports revealed that leftists on Twitter reacted with fury at Elon Musk and accused him of amplifying damaging far-right sentiments after the new owner pledged to better safeguard youngsters from deviant predators on the platform.

It appears that cracking down on pedophilia makes the demons nervous.

On Twitter, Musk posted his remark after French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted in English that we must protect our children better on social networks and the Internet! Macron then stated that social media and technology sites had joined the Children Online Protection Lab, a French-led initiative.

The French minister then directly tagged Elon Musk, asking if Twitter would protect our children.

Musk responded affirmatively in French to Macron. “Absolument.”

Reports show journalist Ian Miles Cheong suggested that Twitter expand its child exploitation unit, and Musk committed he would take action.

Some leftists were shocked that Elon Musk would even speak to Miles Cheong, as they disagree with some of his political views. The creepy liberals on Twitter stated that Cheong and Musk are ‘far right’ because they oppose child abuse.

An investigation by The Post Millennial in 2020 indicated that the distribution of child pornography was occurring openly. Contrary to widespread assumption, the circulation of these illegal files is not limited to the sordid underbelly of the Internet.

On Twitter, pedophiles who wish to trade child pornography and other photographs of child exploitation use hidden hashtags to indicate their presence and interest. The hashtags are loaded with tweets from accounts that are otherwise empty, promoting or soliciting unlawful content.

One account advertised a “megalink” for “£2 to a cashapp, with “underage” as one of the accompanying hashtags. The accompanying video was a screenshot of many folders, one of which was labeled “CP” (short for “child pornography”), and another was labeled “500+ teenie films.”

Despite Twitter’s claims at the time, Twitter had done little to combat the existence of those countless accounts.

Hopefully, Musk will drive out the unbelievably disgusting Twitter clientele.