Elon Musk Plans Visit To Israel

Since Elon Musk acquired Twitter in 2022, much fanfare has surrounded the social media platform and the well-known Tesla mogul. Musk has made headlines several times in association with Twitter, laying off a sizeable chunk of the company’s work force and even changing its name to “X”. Notably, Musk has been an unabashed, vocal advocate for a complete freedom of speech. Despite these assertions, recent reports allege that Musk may be regulating forms of speech on the revamped social media outlet.

According to the Washington Post, the platform has been regulating the time it takes to load links to certain websites or services. A few examples of affected organizations include Facebook, Instagram, the New York Times, and Substack. Each of these sites experienced a five second delay in access time- markedly slower than other platforms loading at traditional speeds. The organizations affected share one overarching correlation- all are either rival competitors of the platform, or simply companies that Musk previously has disliked. The New York Times was among several accounts on the platform to be stripped of an official “verification” checkmark after ownership on the platform shifted. Another company- Reuters- had published a report in recent weeks accusing Tesla of stifling assertions that the company had greatly exaggerated the distance their vehicles could travel before a charge was required.

Musk has once again made headlines as of late after he announced that he plans to visit Israel. The Jewish nation in the Middle East is currently engulfed in a major conflict with Hamas and other Islamic terrorist organizations in the region. As the president of America Joe Biden continues to appear weak, other American elitists have taken it upon themselves to show support- but not always for Israel. Musk appears to sympathize with residents of Gaza (where much of the fighting is occurring). Musk does plan to meet with the Israeli President and Prime Ministers Isaac Herzog and Benjamin Netanyahu.