Elon Musk Is Quietly Scrubbing Tweets From Twitter

(PatrioticPost.com)- Elon Musk is not just a brilliant tech disruptor but also a master sh*tposter who risks further alienating racial minorities.

The world’s wealthiest man skillfully switches between publishing material that he knows would enrage his detractors and then portraying himself as the victim when online rage erupts. It seems that he likes giving people on Twitter a high.

He received criticism on Tuesday for disseminating material that some Jews could find offensive and was accused of acting insensitively for someone as bright as Musk.

He shared a meme on Tuesday depicting himself, Kanye “Ye” West, and Donald Trump as the fictitious Three Musketeers, each of whom was in charge of a different microblogging social media platform: Twitter, via Musk’s holding company X, Parler, and Truth Social.

Musk has a contentious association with the archconservative singer while having a problematic relationship with a fellow supporter of free speech, Trump, whom he represented in the meme with a less good face.

The issue is that both Ye and Trump have recently been in trouble after being accused of uttering overtly nasty anti-Semitic statements. The American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League are two advocacy organizations that have been offended by the pair.

Kanye’s chat with Tucker Carlson has been documented in more detail.

It adds to the artist’s long catalog of conspiracies propagated against Jews.

Ye was banned from Twitter and Instagram a week ago for making anti-Semitic remarks, and Trump sparked outrage a few days later with comments urging American Jews to respect him as much as Evangelicals did for supporting Israel “before it is too late.”

The Simon Wiesenthal Center said on Tuesday, “President Trump’s insults on American Jews brought hurt and suffering to our unique community.” To combat anti-Semitism rather than encourage it, “We need allies left, right, and center.”

Musk erased the Three Musketeers meme for the second time in two days, maybe out of associational guilt. The controversial billionaire’s most inflammatory remarks are seldom retracted, and his tweets have been used against him in many legal proceedings.