Elon Musk Hasn’t Tweeted In A Week

Since SpaceX workers complained that Elon Musk’s tweets were “a regular source of distraction and humiliation,” Elon Musk’s Twitter usage has significantly decreased.
Musk even stopped tweeting after accumulating 100 million followers, according to Axios.

In reality, Musk hadn’t tweeted since June 21, when he remarked about the $7.11 per gallon gas price and left comments on tweets regarding SpaceX and Tesla. As of Wednesday morning, he hadn’t tweeted at all.

On June 21, it was also revealed that the Twitter board had unanimously authorized Musk’s acquisition of the social media platform. The planned $44 billion transactions are still up for a vote by shareholders.

According to Marca, Musk’s Twitter silence might result from his negotiating the terms of the company’s acquisition. The source claimed that a restriction prohibiting him from publishing anything while finalizing the $44 billion acquisition probably exists in the contract.

According to Axios, Musk averaged 145 tweets and retweets every week and around 21 per day in the five weeks before June 16.

The New York Times reported that on June 16, SpaceX dismissed staff members who had contributed to the writing and distribution of an open letter denouncing Musk’s conduct.

According to the SpaceX letter, which was viewed by Reuters and was titled “an open letter to the Executives of SpaceX,” Musk is a “distraction and embarrassment” to the business he built.

The wealthiest person in the world has previously criticized Twitter for the social media platform’s moderation and safety regulations and its anonymous user accounts. In addition, he has stated that if his agreement to purchase the business is booming, he will reinstate the suspended Twitter account of the late President Donald Trump, according to CNN.

Before finishing the terms of his Twitter agreement, Musk said there were still a few “unresolved concerns.”

During a June 21 interview with Bloomberg at the Qatar Economic Forum, Musk asked whether the debt component of the round would come together and whether the shareholder’s votes would be in favor.

On June 16, Musk had a virtual meeting with Twitter workers to discuss several topics, including future layoffs at the business and corporate expansion.