Elon Musk Has “Funding Secured” For Twitter Takeover

(PatrioticPost.com)- On Monday afternoon, Twitter’s board of directors announced that it had accepted Elon Musk’s $44 billion offer to purchase the company and instantly the anti-Free Speech Left lost its collective mind.

Over the weekend, it was reported that the board would be meeting to discuss Musk’s offer after Musk spent last week wooing shareholders with the specifics of his proposal. Reuters had reported that many of those shareholders then contacted the board urging them not to let Musk’s offer slip through their fingers.

The board of directors had recently adopted a “poison pill” strategy to offer shareholders a chance to purchase more Twitter stock at a reduced price, diluting the stock’s value as a way to dissuade Musk. But after it was reported that Musk had secured $46.5 billion to finance the deal, shareholders stepped up their pressure on the board to consider the offer.

Negotiations between Musk and the board of directors began Sunday and continued into the early hours of Monday. The company was unable to secure a “go-shop” provision from Musk that would have allowed it to solicit competing bids after the deal with signed. In the end, an agreement was reached.

In a statement after the deal was announced, Musk described free speech as “the bedrock of a functioning democracy.” Calling Twitter “the digital town square,” Musk said he wanted to make the algorithms “open source to increase trust.” He also said he wants to defeat the “spam bots” while “authenticating all humans.”

Unsurprisingly, blue-check Twitter leftists wasted no time completely losing their minds, with many of them threatening to deactivate their Twitter accounts rather than stay on a platform that permits free speech.

Likewise, the American corporate media was hard at work offering up columns on why allowing Musk to turn Twitter into a free speech platform is a threat to “democracy.”

Between the Left’s meltdown over Disney losing its special tax privileges last week and this week’s meltdown over Musk buying Twitter, the country is swimming in Liberal tears.